A2Z Rugs Colour Guide


The colours in Persian, Indian and Oriental rugs

Part of the joy of the rugs that we sell is created by the colours that burst from the surface of each and every rug. The colour in every rug is the result of a dying process, and in this section we aim to highlight how each of these colours are made. Through the cleaning process we carry out in our warehouse in the Middle East, we aim to bring out the colours that are present in each and every rug, and we hope that the photographs on this site begin to do justice for the striking shades and tones in each one of them.

Every rug is different, and what is exciting is that even with some colours that you might not think go with your wooden floor or the colours on the wall, the effect can be striking and the rug can quickly become the key feature in any room. If you see this effect, feel free to post the results on our Facebook page.

An other important thing to note here is that in some of the rugs, as so much of the dying is done by hand, do not expect for a 'red' to be 100% consistent across the entire rug, as one end of the thread might be a deeper red than the other! We try and make sure that this is reflected in the photography that we have taken of the rug - and we believe that the white background is the best way to enable you to spot these.

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